Create a collaborative memory book

Collect letters and photos from friends, family and coworkers. Perfect for celebrating retirements, birthdays or other occasions.

How Newlywords works

How it Works

  • Start a collection page

    Select templates to offer contributors. Templates give contributors a variety of easy ways to add content!

  • Invite others to contribute

    Contributors submit memories, photos, or well wishes.

  • Review, edit, and personalize your book

    Edit content, arrange pages, and add backgrounds. You’re in control of the final layout of your book!

  • Submit and print!

    We’ll print and ship as soon as possible. You can even download a PDF immediately!

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Memory Book Examples


Celebrate a colleague's lifetime of accomplishments and friendships.

Example hardcover book for a teacher
Example hardcover book for a teacher
An open book
Book binding


Make someone feel extra special with the help of friends and family.

Example hardcover book for a birthday
Example hardcover book for a birthday
An open book with page borders
Book cover

Other Occasions

Anniversaries, graduations, reunions, life stories, recipe books... we do it all!

Several examples of printed hardcover books
Several examples of printed hardcover books
Books stacked on a table
An open book

Templates Make Adding Content Easy

Choose from our selection of templates to offer to contributors.

Sample picture and message entry
Top five list
Meme entry
Picture entry
Collage entry
Essay entry
Designed layout entry
Questionnaire entry
Sample picture and message entry

Short Note

  • Write up to 1,000 characters
  • Attach an optional photo
  • One page limit

Features for Project Organizers

Access a variety of features to make your book stand out

Invitation email icons

Auto Invites & Reminders

Our system can automatically send invites and reminders to contributors via email.

Example of page borders


Add from a variety of colorful borders to make your book shine.

Example word cloud

Word Clouds

We can automatically create a unique visual using words submitted from everyone.

Consolidation of short messages

Consolidated Entries

Some folks are more concise than others. Combine short messages into the same page.

Timeline Calculator

There are several phases to a project. Estimate how much time you need from starting a project to receiving a book.

Timeline for printing and shipping
Timeline for printing and shipping

Customer Testimonials

No-stress Pricing.

We offer both digital and printed books—whatever suits your needs best. No credit card required to start a project and see what folks contribute!

I wanted people to be able to tell my parents how impactful their marriage had been. It was super easy for those people to contribute!

- Sarah

Get all your memories together — together.

Make something with other people, for someone you care about. Whether you are organizing a retirement memory book, birthday memory book, anniversary gift, reunion book or life story, we hope our site helps everyone connect during those important moments!