Timeline Calculator

Estimate the time you need to have the PDF and/or book delivered!

  1. How long do you want to collect contributions?

Most organizers collect contributions over 15-45 days. A shorter timeframe of 3-7 days is possible if you have a small group of motivated contributors.

  1. How long do you want to review and edit your book?

Most organizers review and edit over 4-12 days, although 1-2 days is certainly possible.

  1. Do you want a physical book printed & shipped?

Regardless of whether you purchase a physical book, a PDF is available immediately. Organizers under a time crunch often share the PDF first before presenting the book later.

  1. Which country will you be shipping to?
Country where the physical book will be delivered.
  1. What shipping option will you choose?
Shipping options will differ by country.
If you start today...
Expect to have the PDF ready on Tuesday, May 21
Expect the physical book to be delivered between Tuesday, May 28 - Wednesday, Jun 05