Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you place the book order three weeks before you need the book to arrive in the mail. Sometimes we’re able to print and ship it so that it gets to you in a couple weeks, but to be safe, we recommend three weeks. Just remember that you might need a little bit of time after you collect all the contributions to review/edit before you make the purchase!

On the chance that you are in a rush, many of our customers share the PDF version of the compilation with a recipient, then later give the hardcover version once they get it in the mail.  If you are shipping to a location within the continental USA, we have a rushed shipping option with a two week delivery. Expedited shipping costs about $18/book and standard shipping is about $7/book for the continental USA.

We ship worldwide to over a hundred countries. It's very likely we can ship to your location.

Our customers often tell us they are pleasantly surprised by the quality of the book when they receive it in the mail. Our hardcover memory books are produced with a high quality print. Colors are vibrantly displayed on paper that is silk-finished. Whether you are planning a milestone birthday gift, retirement gift, anniversary gift or life story, our books are sure to please!

Pricing details can be found on our pricing page

Yes. PDF's are always included, even if you purchase a book.

Yes! As the organizer of your collaborative memory book, you have full control over what goes in the final version of your memory book and act at quality control. You are able to edit/add/remove/arrange any content that is contributed to ensure it's the perfect memory book.

There are two ways you can invite people to contribute to your memory book project.

The first method is to add emails to our automated system. This automated system sends out an initial invitation to contributors and includes the message you crafted to recipients when you created the project. If you set a project deadline, the automated system also sends out reminders to contributors at specified intervals leading up to the deadline.

The second method is for you to copy the link to the collection page and share it with contributors, whether it's through email, text, or social media. You'll want to craft a message to recipients when you send the link. More importantly, you'll want to send reminders to nudge folks to contribute. People procrastinate, so don't forget to remind them!

You can always go to the "Invite People to Contribute" link under the "Collect Contributions" section of your project to find out more.

For privacy reason, contributors do not see the content of what other contributors have added. As the organizer, only you are able to see all the content by default. You can share a PDF of the content with others, but we leave that decision to you.

When people contribute content, their email is used for us to send them a confirmation email. The confirmation email also gives them an edit link in case they need to make any changes to their content. By no means do we spam their email account!

Of course! We'd love to hear from you. Contact information can be found on our contact page.