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Retirement Memory Book

Collect letters and photos from colleagues and friends to create a collaborative retirement memory book. It's the perfect retirement gift idea for men or women retiring during Covid-19.

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The Retirement Gift from Everybody

Celebrate someone special

No retirement gift captures the heart and mind of a retiree more than a hardcover retirement memory book. Customers frequently tell us how their retiree teared up when receiving the book and couldn't put the book down for weeks.

Do it with everyone's help

Conveniently collect heartfelt messages and photos from colleagues, friends or family. Give everyone the chance to finally say the things that need to be said!

Showcase career moments

Include photos from their humble beginnings to their last day on the job. Share them through a PDF or during a virtual retirement party.

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No-stress Pricing

We offer both a digital and printed book—whatever suits your needs best.



PDF book

An electronic book. Send it to friends and loved ones.

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Printed book

A perfect-bound physical print of your book.

I wanted people to be able to tell my parents how impactful their marriage had been. It was super easy for those people to contribute!

- Sarah

Get those career memories together — together.

Create a retirement gift that truly recognizes a lifetime of achievements and friendships. For more ideas on how to celebrate a retiree, check out retirement gift ideas in our blog. Please also consider us for birthdays, anniversaries, or other occasions to celebrate and connect with folks during these crazy pandemic times!