Group Scrapbooking
For special milestone birthdays

Give the birthday gift of a lifetime by collecting messages, stories, and photos from everyone into a group scrapbook.

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Capture memories without the fuss

Conveniently capture content from friends and family, near and far. People contribute directly to your personalized collection page. No need to spend hours copying and pasting!

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Control what belongs in your memory book

You can review and edit submitted content in a private project dashboard. Make it the perfect memory book for what you need.

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50th Birthday Memory Book Sample
Printed professionally and shipped Printed professionally and shipped Printed professionally and shipped Printed professionally and shipped

We print and ship

We print everything into a simple and modern 8x8 or 12x12 inch hardcover book. Expect 2-3 weeks for us to print and ship to locations worldwide.

Customer testimonials

"The book I received was very classy and printed beautifully. I was extremely happy with the quality and the service. My husband thought it was the best present he had ever been given and was moved to tears at the thoughtfulness of it.” - Bec

"My daughter absolutely loved the album I created on Newlywords for her 40th birthday. It was something that she will always treasure and I'm so grateful that your website allowed me to produce it for her. I found it easy to use and you always answered my queries promptly, with help and advice. Thank you." - Sue

"For my parents 50th wedding anniversary I wanted people to be able to tell my parents how impactful their marriage had been and for my parents to have a keepsake of all the kind words. Newlywords made it super easy for those people to contribute and for me to organize the book they way I wanted it! They were also very helpful and quick when I had questions. I would highly recommend Newlywords to anyone who wants to create something special for someone!" - Sara

"My hospice patient held his beautiful Newlywords book with tears in his eyes. He couldn’t stop looking at each and every page. Now he shows his book to every visitor. He says that he feels like he has something to show for his life that will live beyond him. Thank you, Newlywords, for giving me a way to make a dream come true for a patient!" - Kristen

"I used Newlywords to honor the work of a colleague. We presented the book to her at her farewell party and it moved her to tears. The Newlywords platform is super user-friendly and intuitive. I appreciated the customer service throughout the creation process. Receiving a proof beforehand was really helpful. The quality of the book was excellent. I highly recommend Newlywords!" - Ryan

"I was seeking to create a memory book for my 90 year old mother that was not just photos but many written reflections too. The resulting book is so lovely that I continuously pick it up. The cover is soft and inviting. And I really appreciated the almost instaneous tech support whenever I had questions navigating the creation of the book. Everyone in my family loved it and ordered their own books too!" - Brenda

How to create a memory book for that 30/40/50/60th birthday

Step #1

In just minutes, start an online collection page to capture everyone's contribution. Invite people by sharing the link or adding their emails.

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Step #2

Contributors submit memories, photos, or well wishes. Our templates make contributing easy. Folks can even create a Top 5 list or meme!

Contributors create the type of content they want

Step #3

Review and edit the contents. Choose either to receive an electronic PDF compilation (free) or a printed hardcover album (paid). Enjoy!

Choose how to receive the final product


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We'll send you a PDF that you can share with others or print.

Physical keepsake

Starting at $20

We print and ship your 20-page hardcover memory book (includes PDF). Add more pages for $1 each.

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